What Are The Hottest Top 5 Hydrogen Stocks?

CompareGREENH’s historical performanceagainst its industry peers and the overall market. Fund holdings and sector allocations are subject to change at any time and should not be considered recommendations to buy or sell any security. Several companies are working hard to tap into the enormous promise of this potentially emission-free fuel.

It has deployed an industry-leading 50,000 fuel cell systems for the e-mobility market . It’s one of the world’s largest hydrogen buyers and operates a leading hydrogen refueling network in North America. Originally a business unit of Horizon Fuel Cell, Hyzon was established in 2020 and is headquartered in Rochester, New York.

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Unlike standard PEM electrolysers, those manufactured by Bloom Energy and unveiled in July can leverage both electricity and heat to produce hydrogen. When the two are integrated, the technology think markets review can use up to 45% less electricity than standard PEM electrolysers. And because it operates at high temperatures, it requires less energy to convert the water molecules into hydrogen.

“Our analysis suggests that with today’s fossil energy prices, renewable hydrogen could already compete with hydrogen from fossil fuels in many regions,” observed the IEA10. Bloom Energy believes the Bloom Electrolyzer is a major leap forward for hydrogen. It believes the technology will enable heavy industries such as steel, chemicals, cement, and glass manufacturing to decarbonize. Bloom Energy can pair its Bloom Electrolyzer with solar energy andwind energyto generate green hydrogen, which it can store and eventually turn back into electricity for future use.


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  • It also wants to store energy from intermittent renewable energy by converting it to hydrogen, which it can convert back to electricity when needed.
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  • That is why hydrogen stocks are on the rise in terms of popularity, investments, and expansion as the world is looking for non-polluting fuels that could drive the economy.
  • Germany-based gas and engineering company Linde is considered to be one of the leaders at the forefront of the transition to hydrogen.

2022 saw the US adopt the Inflation Reduction Act , acclaimed as “the single largest investment in climate and energy in American history13. Under IRA, green hydrogen is now eligible for up to $3 per kg of tax credits, with some experts predicting that this alone will halve the cost of green hydrogen and make it a competitive energy source14. Projects to develop green hydrogen will enjoy tax breaks until 2032, as will domestic production of components for solar and wind energy, which are used in many green hydrogen projects. There are additional investment tax credits of up to 30% for qualified projects for domestic manufacturing facilities for renewable energy production, plus even more for those using certain components produced in the US15.

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Data from around 900 elite hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey in the second quarter of 2022 was used to identify the number of hedge funds that hold stakes in each firm. Shares of any ETF are bought and sold at market price and are not individually redeemed from the Fund. The Fund is not actively managed and would not sell a security due to current or projected under performance unless that security is removed from the Index or is required upon a reconstitution of the Index. A portfolio concentrated in a single industry or country, may be subject to a higher degree of risk. Specifically, the Index is expected to be concentrated in hydrogen and fuel cell companies. Such companies may depend largely on the availability of hydrogen gas, certain third-party key suppliers for components in their products, and a small number of customers for a significant portion of their business.

Made with 97% steel, the fuel cell uses one of the most globally recycled materials as its core. Still, Plug Power’s future plans are to supply 500 tons per day of green hydrogen by 2025 and 1,000 tons per day globally by 2028. That would significantly affect its large-scale development and infrastructure spending. Policy intervention is supposed to accelerate this process even further, so the market could be eyeing green hydrogen at $1 as soon as 2030. The global hydrogen generation market size was valued at $129.85 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $225.73 billion in 2030.

It’s a global leader inliquefied natural gas processing technology and equipment. It’s also one of the world’s largest suppliers of merchant hydrogen and a leader in hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Brookfield plans to provide renewable energy to Plug Power’s green hydrogen production efforts at the plant. With an enormous portfolio of renewable energy assets, Brookfield isn’t a typical green hydrogen stock. Worthy of this list, Brookfield has announced a partnership with Plug Power to build a green hydrogen plant in Pennsylvania. The company announced on October 25th, 2021 a major deal with the South Korean-based SK Group’s affiliate SK ecoplant that basically set on fire the entire hydrogen market.

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Not only does Brookfield invest, but it plays an active role in renewable energy. Headquartered in Canada, it may not represent a European green hydrogen company, but its vision and innovation closely resemble those listed in this European section. We sell different types of products and services to both investment professionals and individual investors.

Founded in 1979 to research and develop lithium batteries, the Canada-based Ballard did not get its start by producing green hydrogen. However, noting green hydrogen’s role in global decarbonization, Ballard has leveraged its research and development to break into the green hydrogen market. Plug Power has partnered with Brookfield Renewable to build a green hydrogen plant in Pennsylvania. Wanting to become the leader in green hydrogen production, it also announced plans to build another green hydrogen production facility in California. Founded in the UK in 2001, ITM Power was the first green hydrogen stock to be listed on the London Stock Exchange.

In the US, President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill includes $8bn for capturing, transporting, and storing clean hydrogen. It’s important to remember that diversification does not assure profit, nor does it protect against a loss. Together with lower prices for renewable energy, green hydrogen prices could drop by 60-64% by 2025, and by up to 72% by 2030.

green hydrogen stocks

In fact, with its past focus on selling industrial gases and chemicals, which may explain its positive rate of return, you might find it hard to believe that Air Products is moving into the green hydrogen space. These companies made the list because they see the positive future of green hydrogen and strive to reduce the costs so the world can use it. If you’re looking to invest in companies that focus on much more than just green hydrogen, you should think about investing in companies that see the future of fuel as green hydrogen. Like other industrial gas suppliers, Linde sees the advantages of branching out to green hydrogen.

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The Fund is considered to be non-diversified, so it may invest more of its assets in the securities of a single issuer or a smaller number of issuers. Investments in foreign securities involve certain risks including risk of loss due to foreign currency fluctuations or to political or economic instability. Small and mid-cap companies are subject to greater and more unpredictable price changes than securities of large-cap companies. 2022 set trends into motion which are likely to push up what is key to markets prices for hydrogen stocks. Deloitte assesses new drivers for renewable energy as “some of the strongest the industry has seen.12” As well as falling costs for green hydrogen, mentioned above, the invasion of Ukraine and global policy-making are key players. 680 large-scale projects were announced, reflecting $240 billion worth of investment, a jump of 50% since November 2021, and 10% of those have reached final investment decision, and are under construction, or already operational2.

Hyzon supplies commercial heavy-duty and medium-duty trucks as well as buses and coaches powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Because the technology to produce green hydrogen is costly right now, investing in green hydrogen stocks already might seem speculative. If you’re able to handle a bit more risk though, consider investing in this green hydrogen stock outlier. The oldest of the European-based green hydrogen stocks in this list, Nel was founded in 1927 and has spent a considerable amount of time in research and development. Well, how about longevity, innovation, and dedication to research and development are the main reasons these companies made the list. There is another way to produce hydrogen that is 100% clean and leaves no harmful emissions – from the electrolysis of water.

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However, there are some innovations in green hydrogen production that could improve significantly its cycle efficiency and thus make the process viable for main electricity generation. The true cost of powering data centres is staggering – their carbon footprint accounts for over 2% of all global emissions, a figure which is expected to rise to 3.2% by 2025. This is why AFC Energy is looking to apply its alkaline fuel cell technology to address the challenge. Working with Swedish-Swiss firm ABB, AFC Energy plans to integrate its fuel cells into the latter’s data centre portfolio. The testing phase will use real-time data centre simulation techniques to make future power designs more sustainable and carbon-neutral to reduce running costs.

Founded in 2006, AFC has created strategic partnerships, particularly in construction and research, to help decarbonize the industry. In 2021, ITM opened the world’s largest electrolyzer production factory with a second underway and planned to open in 2023. While I’m sure you remember hydrogen’s atomic symbol from your high school chemistry days, you may be left wondering what year scientists discovered it was green. Well, to be clear, hydrogen comes in both gray and green, and the color makes all the investing difference. Provide specific products and services to you, such as portfolio management or data aggregation.

His sentencing has been scheduled for January 27th, 2023 and he faces up to 20 years in prison. Ballard’s last Q earnings announced in November showed a revenue of $21.3 million, which was missed by $2.64 million and was down 15.5% on a Y/Y basis. On the technical side, Bloom Energy stock bounced from the $16 support zone and is now sitting comfortably around $25. The stock has been upgraded recently as a buy which is boosting optimism from investors.

“We believe now is a good time to invest in hydrogen, as significant tailwinds are in place that could lead to strong growth opportunities over the coming years,” said Global X analyst Madeline Ruid in a recent research report. Green Hydrogen Systems A/S is a provider of standardised and modular electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen solely based on renewable energy. It generates revenue from sale and installation of complete alkaline electrolysis solutions as well as service of the installed systems. The company has long-term clients like Alphabet, FedEx, Intel, Home Depot, The Wonderful Company, eBay, Apple, and Walmart. Plug Power is one of the largest hydrogen fuel cell technology companies in the world with a market cap currently at $9 billion.